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Enicar has always played an instrumental role in the development of mechanical watches. With its origin in 1854 as a family watchmaker, Enicar takes pride in its great heritage and constant quest to create reliable and high-performance timepieces with state-of-the-art technology, elegance and endurance.

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This is a rare Rolex Moon-phase reference 6062 from the 1950’s in 18k yellow gold. This is an excellent example with an original dial. The case is in excellent condition with strong hallmarks and visible numbers in between the lugs.

Matthew Bain is a vintage watch collector and watch dealer specializing in rare vintage watches and fine modern timepieces.

All Watch movements in this list have NOT been cleaned and are sold with no guarantee. Some movements I have multiples of, some have already been cannibalised.

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Vintage watch restoration services. The picture you see above is a typical chronograph movement which literally has more than 100 parts to function and when I say overhauling, its not soaking them completely in a cleaning solution, instead I …

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