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Example PHP LDAP login script for integration with Active Directory, authenticate username and password, check for group membership using memberof.

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When using PHP on windows, and you are trying to connect (bind) to a Netware (6) LDAP server that requires secure connections (LDAPS), PHP will return a message stating that the server cannot be found.

Jul 16, 2014 · Hi there. I have an AD problem here (obviously :)) It started by wanting to list all members of a group (recursivly, but that does not matter for now, the problem

I’m trying to create a PHP script that will return some details of each member that is part of a specific group in our Active Directory. I have …

Tutorial on how to manipulate LDAP active directory using PHP. Sample PHP code shows how to connect to LDAP, add, delete, and update records in Active

A brief tutorial on how to leverage LDAP to connect to Active Directory with PHP. Useful for authentication to Active Directory with PHP.

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There are no user contributed notes for this page. Other Services. chdb; cURL; Event; FAM; FTP; Gearman; Gopher; Gupnp; Hyperwave API; LDAP; Memcache

Is it possible to create an LDAP query which will return (or check for) users in a nested group? e.g. UserA is a member of GroupA, and GroupA is a member of GroupB. I want a query on GroupB to return

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adLDAP – LDAP Authentication with PHP for Active Directory. adLDAP is a PHP class that provides LDAP authentication and integration with Active Directory.

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The following are options that are usable in “LocalSettings.php”: (These are examples of the extension options, this is not a working example however)

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