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Laws governing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights are complex in the Americas, and acceptance of LGBT persons varies widely. Same-sex marriages have been legal in Canada nationwide since 2005, in Argentina since 2010, in Brazil nationwide and Uruguay since 2013, in the United States nationwide since 2015 and in Colombia …

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The FRC often makes false claims about the LGBT community based on discredited research and junk science. The intention is to denigrate LGBT people as the organization battles against same-sex marriage, hate crime laws, anti-bullying programs and the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

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Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s running mate, opposed gay marriage, ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and fighting workplace discrimination.

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Ted Cruz on Education : Click here for 11 full quotes on Education OR background on Education.. Race-to-the-Top is blackmail against the states. (Mar 2016) Abolish the U.S. Department of Education.

One of Chick-fil-A’s roadside promotions. Ecstatic Mark / Flickr, CC Chick-fil-A gave $2 million to seven anti-gay groups in 2010, the most recent year for which figures are available, according to Equality Matters’ analysis of its charitable giving.

Brendan Smialowski—AFP/Getty Images By Zeke J Miller February 10, 2015 Barack Obama misled Americans for his own political benefit when he claimed in the 2008 election to oppose same sex marriage for religious reasons, his former political strategist David Axelrod writes in a new book, Believer

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Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side.

Former Republican U.S. Senator and 2012 and 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is opposed to homosexual behavior, seeing it as antithetical to a healthy, stable, traditional family.

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Analysis of a Religiously-based Anti-gay Essay . Sponsored link. We found an essay “Homosexuality: The Christian Perspective” to be a well-written example of conservative Christian beliefs about homosexuality. 1

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