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Knowing the following urinary tract infection causes will help us to become more aware about the importance of proper hygiene and safe sex practices:

What are Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), infection types, symptoms, causes, risk factors.

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This menu page indexes and links articles of interest in the study of the conjectured relationship between circumcision and UTI reduction.

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Urinary tract infection occurs when part of the urinary tract becomes infected. UTIs are usually caused by bacteria and generally clear up with a course of antibiotics.

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Native Remedies UTI-Clear, for urinary tract health, supplements body’s water balance function. UTI remedies abound; this UTI supplement is safe for ages 6+.

Welcome to Cystex! Learn about how our products can help relieve the symptoms associated with urinary tract infections and promote better urinary health.

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Hi I a chronic UTI sufferer too and I get it literally everytime I have sex. Even if I maintain utmost levels of hygiene. I am 27 now and completely put off sex altogether!

Homeopathic treatment for urinary tract infections is very effective . Homeopathy can cure UTI without antibiotics and permanent treatment.

An overview of common urinary tract infection signs and symptoms, as well as info on getting a UTI diagnosed and treated fast with prescription antibiotics.

What type of D-MANNOSE is the best for you. Where to buy D-Mannose. What are recommended treatment doses. How to use D-Mannose for UTI prevention. How D-Mannose works against E.coli bacteria.