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Aloha Pearls is a quality provider for wholesale pearl jewelry. Our cultured oyster pearls come with the exemplary price and service. Our selection of pearl types includes Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian Pearls.

A classic pearl necklace is considered a timeless staple in every woman’s jewelry box, but the perfect pair of pearl earrings can be an equally gorgeous – if a bit less expected – way to wear pearl jewelry.

Quick Pearl Guide Tahitian pearls are black pearls that are grown in the waters of French Polynesia. Although they are commonly referred to as black pearls, Tahitian pearls are found in a large variety of natural colors such as silvery white, light and dark grays, greens, blues, yellows, and purples.

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American Pearl offers the internet’s largest selection of pearl necklaces. Experience a dazzling array of beautiful, natural color Tahitian pearl necklaces newly harvested from the pearl farms of French Polynesia.

Premium Pearl has large selection of pearl studs, drop/dangle earrings, diamond pearl earrings, and long pearl earrings. The colors range from classic white, cream, black to exotic pink, lavender, golden, peacock, grey, cranberry, and cocoa.

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For classic, quality pearl earrings, choose Akoya pearls. For a more affordable gift, choose Freshwater pearls. Exotic, naturally black Tahitian pearls present dramatic color and impressive size.

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Pearls featured on Na Hoku Tahitian pearl pendants, rings, earrings and necklaces are selected for their superior color and luster that sets them apart from all others.

Premium Pearl offers finest quality pearls and pearl jewelry, with outstanding selection, custom designs, and helpful services. Best value for high quality. We have been a premium San Francisco pearl jewelry retailer since 2003.

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The Pearl Source is proud to offer its vast collection of Tahitian pearl earrings, featuring a variety of earring styles and varying colors. Tahitian pearls are valued for their exquisite beauty and gorgeous luster.