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The shower curtain is a key part of your bathroom’s decor. These are the best shower curtains you can buy to dress up your bathroom.

Additional Tips. If your shower curtain does not glide easily over the rod, rub a small amount of hair conditioner or petroleum jelly onto the rod.

Stepping into the bathtub and noticing that your shower curtain is dotted with mildew can make your skin crawl. But we have good news: “There’s no need to throw away your shower curtain once it’s dirty,” says Carolyn Forte, director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. Depending on the

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Could you quote on making four (4) accordion folded white sailboat privacy curtains (2″ fold depth, 49″ flattened full length, 11″ height with dark navy braided trim – 3/16″ wide positioned at 2″ insides and parallel to the top and bottom edges, with nylon track sliders for rails 9 1/2″ apart?

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Organic cotton is used more for curtains. You can double it as a liner, but it will take longer to dry. Pottery barn usually carries some organic cotton ones as well. If you are going for something pretty to match decor, an organic cotton curtain is the best non-toxic option, as the hemp, though nice, isn’t anything frilly.

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Buy this pack of 100 Swish curtain hooks for a reliable and easy way to add linings to your curtains

May 26, 2017 · I have experienced this challenge a number is times including dealing with lintels. These are some of the approaches I have used. 1 – glue a thin piece is timber along the length. Paint the same colour as the wall and you will barely notice it, especially when the curtain rail is in place. Screw

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