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The Subbotniks (Russian: Субботники, IPA: [sʊˈbotʲnʲɪkʲɪ], “Sabbatarians”) is a common name for Russian sects of Judaizers of Christian origin, who split from other Sabbatarians in the 19th century.

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The Russian conquest of Central Asia was accompanied by the penetration of many explorers into the depths of Eurasia, including Mongolia, Jungaria and Tibet.Notable explorers in this direction included Chokan Valikhanov, Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky, Pyotr Chikhachyov, Nikolay Przhevalsky, Grigory Grumm-Grzhimaylo, Bronislav …

I’m no fan of Lenin, but he spent a good deal of time in London, so must be included in this series. I haven’t chosen this mugshot as an expression of my disapproval – it’s just that most of the photos that are available were taken after the revolution, and this one is the closest I could find in date to his first, and longest, visit to

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Le tableau ci-après contient la liste des mots en Nadsat qui figurent dans le roman d’Anthony Burgess, L’Orange mécanique, dans sa version anglaise d’origine, ainsi que, dans la mesure du possible, dans la version en français du roman, ou dans son adaptation au cinéma par Stanley Kubrick, en version doublée ou non.

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Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism.

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After the events of Bloody Sunday (1905) that resulted in a brutal crackdown on a public demonstration of the Russian peasantry that, ironically, supported the Czar, Trotsky secretly returned to Russia in February 1905.

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The destruction of Guernica prompted the Basque government to authorize a general evacuation of women, ren, and the elderly. Beginning in May and continuing through the summer, Basque civil authorities oversaw the emigration of approximately 20,000 ren to dozens of locations throughout Europe.

Molokans are Russian-sectarian, Bible-centered Christians who evolved from Spiritual Christian Russian peasants who refused to join the Russian Orthodox Church in …

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