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The Wolf Among Us is a graphic adventure game, played from a third-person perspective. The player controls protagonist Bigby Wolf, who must investigate the murder of …

A great addition to the store for enhancing the in-store shopping experiences – promoting products, changing how shopper shops with virtual try …

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Mirrors in the sky: Huge reflective satellites that send the sun’s light back into space are being considered as one way to battle climate change

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Char Aznable (シャア・アズナブル Shaa Azunaburu), born Casval Rem Deikun (キャスバル・レム・ダイクン Kyasubaru Remu Daikun), is one of the …

Swedish researchers have literally made something from nothing – by creating sparks in a vacuum for the first time.

A character has a skull for a head. This may be because the character is a supernatural being, or due to some disfigurement that makes their head look like …

MirrorMask is a 2005 fantasy film designed and directed by Dave McKean and written by Neil Gaiman from a story they developed together, starring Stephanie Leonidas, Jason Barry, Rob Brydon, and Gina McKee.

In this hit anthology series, R.L. Stine’s tales take on a life of their own — from cursed mirrors to rampaging monsters to lumbering zombies.