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Start teen online drivers ed today and learn everything you need to know to get behind the wheel fast! Select your state to sign up.

Monitor teenage drivers with GPS vehicle tracking equipment and GPS location service for parents; teen driver vehicle tracking systems promote safe teen driving.

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Teen Drivers and Cellphones. Safety experts say that using a cellphone while driving is a major distraction and is a significant factor in crashes for drivers of all ages (see Distracted Driving).

Alltrack USA offers high quality GPS tracking devices for teenage drivers and commercial truck fleets. Click here to see our products!

Getting a license is an important milestone for teens and parents, but being a beginning driver carries special risks. Per mile traveled, teenage drivers are more likely to be involved in a crash than all but the oldest adult drivers. During their first months of licensure, teens have a particularly

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Colonial Driving college is serving the Teen Drivers Education of VA. who are ready to become licensed drivers by providing education & training.

Automobile collisions have been the leading cause of death for American teens for generations. Since 2007, Impact Teen Drivers has emerged as a leading non-profit organization dedicated to reversing this pervasive yet 100% preventable crisis.

What factors put teen drivers at risk? Teens are more likely than older drivers to underestimate dangerous situations or not be able to recognize hazardous situations. 7 Teens are also more likely than adults to make critical decision errors that …

Impact Teen Drivers is the nation’s leading voice on texting & driving, teen distracted & reckless driving education. offers TDLR-approved Texas teen drivers education courses all online. Study on any device, anywhere, anytime!