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Sex change regret: Gender reversal surgery is on the rise, so why aren’t we talking about it?

People who regret becoming parents have spoken about their experiences in a series of anonymous online posts. Regretful mothers and mans, or ren whose parents clearly were not ready to be parents contributed to the question-answer site Quora, in a thread titled “What is it like to regret having ren?”

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Answers to common questions about having sex while you are on your period. Many couples worry about engaging in sexual activity during menstruation, but having sex during your menstrual cycle is perfectly healthy and safe. This article answers questions about STDs, pregnancy, and orgasm during menstruation.

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Transgender people who regret their sex changes typically get buried in venom rather than loved.

Photoillustration by Stephen Gregory & Heshmat Saberi ‘I regret having ren’ In pushing the boundaries of accepted maternal response, women are challenging an explosive taboo—and reframing motherhood in the process

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We have been told sex reassignment surgery is successful. The advocates say that regret is rare, and that 98 percent of surgeries are successful.

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Australian self-confessed sex addict Nadia Bokody whose sex addiction led to six different men on rotation has claimed she doesn’t regret hooking up with a colleague despite knowing about his wife.

Up to 20% Have Regret; Sex Changes Are Not Effective, say Researchers. The review of more than 100 international medical studies of “post-operative” transsexuals finds up to 20% regret transitioning and no conclusive evidence was found that shows gender reassignment surgery improves the lives of transsexuals, with many people remaining …

‘I get treated better than his wife and there are no feelings involved’: Women having affairs with married men share stories of hot passion – and regret

Dear Cat-Person teen: Getting drunk so you can have meaningless, unattached, random sex with guys you barely know is not going to make you happy.