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A Happy Meal is a form of s’ meal sold at the fast-food chain McDonald’s since June 1979. A small toy is included with the food, both of which are usually contained in a box or paper bag with the McDonald’s logo.

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Jun 22, 2016 · There are communities on the internet that exist primarily to buy, sell and trade Happy Meal toys collected from McDonald’s stores around the world.

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Feb 28, 2018 · McDonald’s Happy Meal Disney toys will make a return after more than 10 years of absence, starting with promotions for the upcoming Incredibles 2 and followed by Wreck-It-Ralph 2.

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The fast food restaurant McDonald’s released My Little Pony-based toys with their -directed “Happy Meal” during each generation of My Little Pony.

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In 1979, McDonald’s changed the game permanently by introducing the Happy Meal. They’d given out toys before that landmark year, but as the ’80s dawned, it got extra real with your cheese burger, with new toys entering the rotation on a regular basis. Put your nostalgia cap on and prepare to grab

The 26 Most Awesome Happy Meal Toys Of The ’90s Technically, any toy that came with food was pretty great. But these were exceptional.

Since its introduction in 1979, the Happy Meal has been part of the hoods of millions of s across the globe. Unlike most other meals, though, this brightly packaged s’ meal isn’t most well-known for the food that it contains. Instead, it’s the tiny plastic trinkets that accompany each

Each McDonald’s® Happy Meal® brings exciting family fun with Hasbro Games. Now through June 11th. At participating McDonald’s. Ask about our special toys for …

The McDonalds Happy Meal toys were first introduced in 1979 and marked a new era for McDonalds stores everywhere. Check out some of the coolest toys here!

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