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Rely on the cordage experts at Novabraid for high quality specialty rope including mooring lines, spectra fiber ropes, hauling rope, arborist rope and more!

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Understanding Braided Rope and Cord. Braided rope is made in two basic constructions. Each has a number of variations, so the end product can be made to match the work it’s intended to do.

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Baluns, center parts, braids and much more to build dipoles and other wire antennas for short band yourself.

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Yacht chandlers and Marine equipment suppliers in Durban, east coast of South Africa.

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Parachute Cord. Parachute Cord or Paracord is a light weight nylon kernmantle rope. U.S. Military paracord is specified by MIL-C-5040H in six types with a minimum breaking strength ranging from 95 lbs to 750 lbs.

Braided nylon rope has the best combination of strength and ability to handle shock load of any braided rope. It’s a solid choice for lifelines, lanyards, and sling rope.

Our beautifully crafted braids come in an array of colors and ornate styles, including our popular decorative multi-toned guimp.

Oct 18, 2013 · I have thought for a long time that all starter rope / pull cords / recoil twine was diamond braid, however it appears that double braids, solid

Rope, Cordage Construction & Fiber . Construction Characteristics. Solid Braids Constructed to maintain size & roundness by resisting rotation overpulleys and …

Novagold – Novagold Double Braided Nylon Rope Novabraid’s premium double braided nylon rope is designed for general marine, industrial, and commercial use where controlled elongation, high strength, and abrasion resistance are required.

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