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Sexual harassment at work is a ‘chronic’ problem for women – and is on the rise for men too – causing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, …

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For those affected, having depression means more than just feeling blue — it can cause a range of symptoms, including sexual health problems.

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Major depression is a persistently sad or irritable mood that affects a ‘s thinking and behavior at home, in college, and with peers.

LGBT students are more likely than heterosexual students to report high levels of drug use, feelings of depression, and suicide attempts. Help is available.

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Symptoms of depression in survivors and victims of , sexual assault, and sexual .

Berman Sexual Health. Depression often co-exists with sexual dysfunction, and the medical treatment of depression can further worsen sexual symptoms or cause de-novo sexual dysfunction in a person who did not experience it prior to treatment.

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Sexual side effects are common with antidepressants in both men and women, but there are options to prevent or reduce such side effects.

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Sexual ity youth have higher rates of depression than their heterosexual peers. This study explores the contribution of cyberbullying, unmet medical needs, and other factors to depressive symptoms.

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Depression . There are many emotional and psychological reactions that victims of and sexual assault can experience. One of the most common of these is depression.

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General treatment information and guidelines to consider when seeking treatment for clinical depression, from self-help to psychotherapy to ECT.